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Nonprofit Organizations

Heather Mansfield works primarily with nonprofit organizations. Her specialty is three to five-hour intensive social media and/or mobile technology trainings for nonprofit staff, particularly communications and development staff. One of Heather’s unique offerings is that she knows the tool sets and functionality of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, WordPress, etc. inside and out from having worked and built large communities on these sites daily over the last four years. The honest truth is only a small percentage of Admins have a full grasp of what you can do with these sites. Heather’s intensive how-to trainings can change that dramatically in just a few hours.

These intensive trainings demonstrate over 50 tricks and tips that most social media managers and community builders are not aware of, and usually cover three to five social networking sites. They are ideal for bootcamps, pre-conference sessions, or half-day/day-long retreats. Heather can also present 90-minute trainings, but those need to focus on one or two sites (like Facebook and Twitter). Heather is also beginning to present mobile technology trainings more often that range from 90-minutes to three hours.

Additionally, Heather is also available to present the Big Picture of social media and/or the mobile web. These sessions tend to appeal more often to program staff, board members, and executive staff. In general, these individuals are usually not Admins themselves so they are less likely to need the how-to training and more often need to hear and visualize the “Why?” of social media and the strategy of successful social media or mobile technology implementation. These presentations usually run 60 minutes.

If you are interested in hiring Heather to present a social media training in person or via webinar to your organization, please view her current public speaking schedule to check her availability and then contact her at

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