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July 8 :: 10 Social Media Tips & Secrets :: TechSoup Webinar

June 28, 2010

UPDATE: This webinar got a lot of good feedback. It was attended by 383 people and earned a “Learned something new and useful” rating of 96%! Wow. All the feedback from the webinar is pasted below in a comment. 100% uncensored.

TechSoup is the only group I have ever allowed to record one of my webinars. There are a number of reason I don’t usually allow it:

1) My specialty is live webinars. Each one is different every time. A recorded version is out of date in just a few weeks.

2) This webinar was slides only. All of other my other webinars are live and in real-time on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Foursquare, etc.

3) This webinar was much more Big Picture and I wanted a recorded version of the Big Picture to share with nonprofits. It’s was also only 60 minutes. My other webinars are 90 minutes of intensive how-to with a summary of the Big Picture in the beginning.

4) My live, paid and unrecorded webinars pay my bills. As much I love nonprofits, I have to make some profit to survive professionally. If my webinars were recorded and available for free, Nonprofit Tech 2.0, DIOSA Communications and all the social networking profiles for @NonprofitOrgs just wouldn’t be able to continue on. I would have to get a real job. :)

5) I can’t stand to listen to myself recorded… I sound so weird to myself!

All that said, the recorded version of the 10 Social Media Tips & Secrets webinar is now available for download. I could only listen for about 60 seconds. Just doesn’t sound like how I think I sound! Hope it helps.

Thanks to TechSoup for hosting the webinar. They did a great job. Very professional and well-organized.

This will be my first webinar with and it is free to attend. I am also presenting the webinar for free. I only do that three or four times a year. The income earned from my weekly webinars pays half my bills each month, so giving too many free webinars would put me out of business. :)

That said, I am a big fan of TechSoup. When I used to live in the Bay Area I attended a few of their events and even applied for a job or two (no luck there!). This webinar will cover 10 social media tips and secrets that I have learned over the last four years of running numerous communities on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace,, YouTube and LinkedIn. Some are basic, some are advanced, but there’s a good chance you’ll be surprised by the tools I think produce the most ROI (Return on Investment) and where I think there’s been too much hype and little results.

BIG Disclaimer :: This is the only webinar I have ever done where I have to use screenshots. All other webinars that I give are live as it happens on Facebook, Twitter, etc. It’s also only 60 minutes. All of my other webinars are 90 minutes. That said, this webinar can’t go into much detail on the how-to since I won’t be sharing my desktop. Nonetheless, I guarantee you’ll get some valuable concepts and best practices from this webinar.

Register :: 10 Social Media Tips & Secrets TechSoup Webinar

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  1. Peggy Elliott permalink
    July 7, 2010 9:21 am

    How do I participate?

    • July 7, 2010 12:15 pm

      Hi… click the registration link to register though I did just here that it’s full. You may still be able to get in. :)

  2. Kieran Bergmann permalink
    July 8, 2010 7:21 pm

    Hi Heather…I just participated in your webinar and it was incredibly helpful. I asked a question at the end and didn’t catch the link where you will be answering all questions that there were not time for. Would you be able to send that to me? Thanks!

    • July 9, 2010 2:03 pm

      Hi Kieran. Thanks so much. The link is here:

      But so sorry… I am too swamped to spend much time answering questions in the forum. What was your question?

      • Kieran Bergmann permalink
        July 9, 2010 4:37 pm

        Hi Heather,
        I understand how busy you must be – thank you so much for taking the time to respond to me. My question was: how should we deal with facebook fans taking over our organization’s fb wall with excessive posts (often multiple times a day and sometimes not exactly opinions that we endorse). We obviously don’t want to encroach on our fans’ freedom of expression and are always happy to get comments, but some people treat our facebook wall as if it is their page.
        Any tips or thoughts would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

  3. July 9, 2010 3:46 pm

    Feedback from the webinar:

    • It was excellent. I didn’t know about a lot of the tools out there within common social media like FB and WordPress. Very well-organized and presented. Thanks!
    • One of the best webinars thus far. Really great information in a clear, easy to use format. Not speaking over the heads of the people I will share this with!
    • The webinar was very informative. I obtained a wealth of knowledge that I can utilize in an effort to boost my organizations presence on social media sites.
    • This was a very informative webinar. Most I listen to/attend are generic and just drum into their viewers head’s that they need to do social media. This webinar gave many examples of success and failure that made it clear why non-profits need to implement social media. I feel pretty knowledgeable about social media and learned many things today. Thanks!
    • As a media relations specialist, I have been agonizing over how to use the social media in my duties. But after this training, I can see that it is a field all its own and, while related to media relations and marketing, it is more valuable as an interactive resource. It may one day replace conventional media relations, but at this point, I think it is running parallel to is, once in a while reaching over to hold hands.
    • Definitely had a few “aha” moments. Great presenter!
    • Don’t confuse listeners with discussions about semantic web without providing a full description.
    • Enjoyed it very much and learned a lot!
    • Enough ports for audio would have made it more useful.
    • Excellent focus and great tips; I’ll launch a blog! Loved the tips about, textmarks, foursquare, etc.
    • Excellent presentation.
    • Excellent speaker, well prepared and used many “real-life” examples.
    • Excellent tips, definitions, and explanations of terminology. Put the whole concept of social media in a clearer framework. thanks.
    • Excellent webinar
    • Excellent, it was presented with very easy explanations and steps.
    • excellent. look forward to seeing more questions answered
    • glad that we will have access to audio and slides later–a lot was presented!
    • Good at speaking practically to the topic.
    • good format on the powerpoint. Having someone to collect questions, and clarify was great (very annoying waiting for people to verbalize their questions). Appreciate the links and specifics throughout the presentation. Presenter needed better ability to see her own presentation on the screen shots. It was hard to read the screenshoots on a 17 monitor, needed to move to the 22monitor to see the details -recommend allowing a little larger area within the PPT for screenshots.
    • good information with tips that were simple and to the point. real-world information, even relevant to existing tweeters and the like.
    • Good job of covering a lot in a short period of time. The presenter was clearly knowledgeable.
    • great content.
    • Great insight from someone who has “been there.”
    • Great insight into effective social media strategies.
    • Great presentation! Thank you
    • Great presentation. A lot to absorb. Will this event be archived? It would be a great program for our local non-profit partnership meeting.
    • Great SM highlights. I would have liked more campaign details / case studies but the tools, tips and examples were spot on.
    • great tips!
    • Great Webinar. Needed more time to entertain questions, though! Did we really have to end so promptly?
    • had to leave early but got some good tips.
    • Heather is highly knowledgeable and helpful. great presenter. thank you techsoup, heather, and readytalk!
    • Heather is obviously very knowledgeable about social media. She was a great presenter!
    • Heather was terrific; articulate, engaging and knowledgeable. I appreciated her 10 secret tips and did a great job at illustrating examples to bring them to life.
    Thank you for hosting this webinar and featuring an outstanding presenter!
    • Heather was very clear, went at a nice pace, and covered the subject very well. I learned a lot about a subject that is very important to our nonprofit. I am only just getting started with Web 2.0.
    • Heather was very helpful and we appreciated her stats and ideas.
    • I agree with Kami, much food for thought. I learned new tools and new ways of thinking of the tools our organization currently uses (Facebook & Twitter). The audio feed was a little fuzzy at times, but I understand it will be made available on your site. Thanks for arranging this webinar.
    • I am starting at square 1 and need to learn more about each social media avenue in order to use them. This seminar was excellent. Thank you.
    • I do wish there was more time for Heather to answer questions, but her presentation was a wonderful introduction to how nonprofits can best utilize social media and I was particularly impressed by the fact that Heather came to know what she does by both trying it out herself first-hand and surveying the work of various nonprofits.
    • I enjoyed the presentation I just need to convince my Board to let me do things They are an older group and donot think since we are a small museum need to even have a website I do tweet and FB but that is on my own I hope to convince them that we need to reach out and become more active
    • I felt the information was basic, but it was also advertised as such.
    • I found some of it a review, but it was really nice to see the real-world examples of how organizations are using Twitter/Facebook. I was really interested in the LinkedIn comments. I’ve been trying to get my organization to looking into LinkedIn, and now I have some numbers and ideas to help with that. Thanks.
    • I found the information presented to be very useful. However, it seemed a little rushed. Perhaps it needs to be extended by 15-30 minutes. Otherwise, it was great.
    • I joined late and only caught the last 15 minutes. I’m sure it was great. Heather is a great presenter!
    • I think it was informative, and presented in a well organized format.
    • I thought it was very informative. I wish there would’ve been more time for questions and further explanations of some topics she only briefly covered.
    • I was surprised that mobile apps are of growing importance.
    • I wish I could have been able to click on the links, but am thrilled that the powerpoint is being emailed
    • I wish there had been more time for Q&A.
    • I would have liked to have information pre-webinar that it would be so Twitter heavy.
    • I’m new to nonprofit communications. All of this webinar was helpful. I participated to learn more about using facebook and blogging, and the facilatator gave lots of helpful information.
    • I’m still a step behind. This focused on Twitter quite a bit and I’m still struggling to understand Facebook. . .(is my age showing?!). Made the foray into social media feel exciting and DOABLE!
    • Informative – just the right information to get started. Not too much information – did NOT feel overwhelming.
    • Informative, but too short. More in-depth on the use of each of these tools would have been great.
    • interesting concepts, i could see some of them in use with some of our libraries.
    • It seems that perhaps a little more time should have been allotted to allow for questions.
    • It was a great seminar. I feel like I have much to now work on and I now have ideas on how to make our non-profit more popular and social media savvy.
    • It was excellent. I didn’t know about a lot of the tools out there within common social media like FB and WordPress. Very well-organized and presented. Thanks!
    • It was the first time I took a webinar and found it to be an easy and convenient method for learning about a topic.
    • Lots of good information!
    • LOTS to cover in a seemingly short time. I guess I couldn’t fully connect esoteric terms like “finding your voice” with actual, real-life examples. Although I could appreciate her expertise, tt was difficult for me to connect the presenter’s marketing/tech point of view [40-50 hrs/week] to my marketing reality [1-2 hrs/week].
    • Loved it – please feature speaker more often
    • My firstTechSoup webinar and my first phone webinar – it worked very well. Good speaker with very helpful hints and tips presented in a way that was easy to understand for a beginner. gave good reaseons and examplea as to why certain tips and hints work well.
    • not a lot of value – mostly re-hashing “best of class” thought that can be found easily online. Still left without a true strategy for engagement just a lot of build it and they wil come ideas (twitter/facebook/blogs/re-tweeting/url shortening etc..)
    • One of the best webinars I’ve attended, in that it provided lots of useful and practical tips. Two thumbs up!
    • One of the best webinars thus far. Really great information in a clear, easy to use format. Not speaking over the heads of the people I will share this with!
    • Perhaps next time it will be an hour and a half so there’s plenty of room for Q&A.
    • poor sound quality (echo-feedback)
    • Presenter did very well – lots of useful content well delivered
    • Pretty much all of the content was interesting and useful.
    • Really accessible, useful tips that I can implement right away. Overall, very nice. However, it would be great to also have a broader context – why so much talk about Twitter (why is it better than Facebook for nonprofits, for instance)?
    • screen shots are hard to see, but oh well. I like the fast-paced one-hour format!
    • Served its purpose..I learned a few new tricks and tools to add to our growing foundation of social networking..
    • She was fabulous and offered a lot of information
    • Sometimes the audio was not real clear – a bit jumbled
    The info was great, as was the presenter
    • Technical issue – hard to hear at times b/c of background noise. Tips were incredibly useful but became repetitive in an hour. Would have preferred more time for anectodes on use and/or Q & A.
    • Thank you for all of the practical advice. I look forward to received the PowerPoint/audio and implementing many of these ideas.
    • Thank you.
    • Thank you. I am looking forward to the links so I may pass this on to my friends. Do you send ceu hours? If so I would appreciate it the hour count.
    • Thanks so much for this free opportunity! I learned a lot and am looking forward to utilizing skills!
    • The first social media webinar/seminar I have taken part in where I learned something valuable and applicable. This really went to the next step beyond ‘this is facebook’ and ‘you should do something there’.
    • The webinar was very informative. I obtained a wealth of knowledge that I can utilize in an effort to boost my organizations presence on social media sites.
    • There were many, many important topics covered, but not enough time! I did get valuable information from it, such as common nonprofit misconceptions of social media and blunders, a better understanding of who is on twitter, how to interact in that world and what to expect. It was interesting to know that inspirational quotes are so important! Creating your own news by using articles and commenting on them, and then referring them to your website or blog. Joining groups on linkedIn, and how inexpensive it can be to launch a mobile website.
    • This isn’t a criticism, but that was a LOT of information on social media to digest quickly for newbies to social media. Much of it was over my head as I’ve not used Twitter. Maybe a webinar just focused on that service would be helpful.
    • This really demystified the arena of social media!!Thank you!!!
    • This was a great event, I would definately love more information on this topic
    • This was a very informative webinar. Most I listen to/attend are generic and just drum into their viewers head’s that they need to do social media. This webinar gave many examples of success and failure that made it clear why non-profits need to implement social media. I feel pretty knowledgeable about social media and learned many things today. Thanks!
    • This was a very informative event. Than you!
    • This was an interesting webinar but the topic was aimed more at the general non-profit organization – and possibly organizations that have several staff or dedicated volunteers. So the applications to a small, rural library are somewhat limited. Nevertheless, the session was interesting and I will certainly use and share the information I learned as appropriate in my circumstances.
    • This was excellent!!1.5 hours would be great!
    • This was so helpful to me. I’ve been timid about Twitter, although I am using it in my volunteer work. The information about Twitter and the Twitter apps was especially helpful!
    • Very clear, and to the point. I just wish you’d publish the slides ahead of time so that we could take some notes on the same page as the slides.
    • Very helpful and interesting!
    • Very helpful and stimulating
    • Very informative and well organized
    • We are a nonprofit with a staff of 3 and do not have time for Twitter or LinkedIn. just started using Facebook. I was hoping to have a bit more Facebook information.
    • Wow! That was a lot of eye openning information.
    Very well presented.
    Thank you.
    • Wow, I learned so much in such a short time. Thank you!

  4. July 14, 2010 4:59 pm

    Thanks for speaking Heather, it was very informative for everyone, even a few seasoned pros in the audience. I was producing the web stream to Second Life where our audience there was astonished — usually we learn a few good tidbits in a webinar but yours was jam packed with great ideas. Let me know if you are interested in speaking live in the future. (@amoration)

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